Jingle Cross Course Features - Click a Pic!

  • Pit Area

    Pit Area

    Cyclo-cross has a pit area where riders can get a new wheel, a quick fix, or even a whole new bike. Every pro athlete has a pit crew and speed is of the essence. It's like NASCAR on two wheels!
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  • Jingle Cross Flyover

    Jingle Cross Flyover

    The Jingle Cross Flyover has a set of stairs going up and a ramp going down as the race gets airborne and goes over the crowd. Spectators can make their way to the base of Mt. Krumpit by passing underneath.
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  • The Double Flyover

    The Double Flyover

    The Double Flyover is a 100' x 40' monstrosity that serves as a two lane highway and bridge for the bike riders to go up and over while spectators go under.
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  • Christmas Barn

    Christmas Barn

    Christmas lights and holiday music highlight this decked-out hall of a barn as the riders traverse as they make their way through the course to White Christmas and Jingle Bell Rock.
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  • Mt. Krumpit

    Mt. Krumpit

    Mt. Krumpit is the the most famous cyclo-cross element in North America and a beast of a climb. For the athletes, it;s a thigh busting heart pounding bike riding steep uphill challenge with treacherous and and tricky descents. For the spectators, its a great a view and amazing party with DJ's, tunes, and cold beverages all weekend long!
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  • The Scheel's Bobsled Bomb

    The Bobsled Bomb is a high speed descent down the south side of Mt. Krumpit. Sounds like fun except it leads you right into the Grinch's Lair!
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  • Cross Barriers

    Cross Barriers

    The Cross Barriers are a standard in just about every cyclo-cross course. Hurdle them on foot or try to clear them on the bike if you have the skills!
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  • Holly Jolly Hell-Hole

    Holly Jolly Hell-Hole

    The Holly Jolly Hell-Hole is a rutted-out, swamped-in creek bed off the south end of the main field. This muddy technical challenge can make or break your race.
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  • Luge Run

    Luge Run

    The Luge Run is one of the most photographed and visible sections of the Jingle Cross course down the Eastern face of Mt. Krumpit. The crowd is there, the party is there, and the technically tricky and twisting descent is there too!
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  • Frostbite Forest

    Frostbite Forest

    Frostbite Forest shrouds the trails leading to the summit of Mt. Krumpit. Steep terrain, sharp twists, and off camber turns highlight this rolling ascent to the top.
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  • Deschutes Chute

    The Deschutes Chute is a straight shot down the North Face of Mt. Krumpit. But you better be careful...It's steep, off camber, and EVERYBODY is watching.
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  • The Grinch's Lair

    The Grinch's Lair

    The Grinch's Lair is a 230 foot long sand trap the riders must bike through. It's easy to get into the Lair, but no so easy to get out!
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Cross Barriers

The Cross Barriers are a standard in just about every cyclocross race. You can only have one set in a UCI course and they must be 10 meters apart with no more than 2 barriers. It used to be a rule that they had to be exactly 40 cm in height but that rule changed a few years ago so shorter barriers are popular...which invites bunny hopping! Our barriers are put right in the middle of the main field in plain site for all the Who's of Whoville. Hurdle them on foot or try to clear them on the bike if you have the skills. Watch some of our videos and maybe you can learn the technique!

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