Jingle Cross Team

Jingle Cross Team

Registration Team


Darcy Sanford is one of the longest running volunteers of the Jingle Cross and has helped for 14 straight years with course builds, registration, and much more.

Darcy Sanford

Course Director


Ben Anderson is the Course Director of the Jingle Cross and the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cup in Iowa City, responsible for course design and construction.

Ben Anderson

Course Crew

 williams k

Kyle is one of our many amazing Course Crew members and has helped lay out the Jingle Cross course for over a decade...and he lives in Minnesota

Kyle Williams

Frozen Forest Captain


Mike Frasier is one of 4 Course Captains. He's in charge of course operations in the Frozen Forest trails that lead up the back part Mt. Krumpit 

Mike Frasier

Parking Director


Wayne Fett is the Parking and Transportaion Director and an unofficial expert taster for the Wine Walk. He has won awards for his long history of community service.

Wayne Fett

Party Planner


Considered the Godmother of Jingle Cross and the Soul of the People, Jean gets the party going everywhere at Jingle Cross. Look for the human pyramid and listen for the tamborine

Jean Gilpin

Specialty Food Director


Known for his sense of taste and recognition of fine foods, Peter Kaboli is our food vendor specialist. He selects the best of Iowa's mobile restauranteurs and food trucks.

Peter Kaboli

Chief Course Builder


Matias Peret is an engineer in the real world and it shows when he designs, builds, or fixes anything at the Jingle Cross Venue. A handy man in every sense of the word.

Matias Perret

VIP Director

 hopson ri

Rick Hopson is the GodFather of bike racing in Iowa. He is our VIP director and  selectes the World Cup Wine Walk beverages...that's why he's called the Godfather.

Rick Hopson

Kids Zone Director


Ryan Jacobsen is an avid cyclo-cross rider and raced in the Masters World Championships. He's our Kids Zone Director and arranges the bouncy houses, games, and more.

Ryan Jacobsen

Mt. Krumpit Captain


Nick Sobocinski is one of four Course Captains and is responsible for Mt. Krumpit and North Pole. You will see him up and down Mt. Krumpit more times than the Grinch himself.

Nick Sobocinski

Course Crew


Ex-Pro and 2 time Olympian Jason McCartney is our gravel grinder designer. He also busy with course construction and plays a huge role for the World Cup.

Jason McCartney

Course Consultant


Todd Gillihan was the original Course Director and muscle behind the Jingle Cross for the first 13 years. He continues i stalking the slopes of Mt. Krumpit n an advisory role .

Todd Gillihan

Course Crew

 williams r

Robin Williams is an avid cyclo-cross rider and one of the top amateurs in the area. She has been helping with the Jingle Cross for over a decade.

Robin Williams

South Pole Captain


Joe Taylor is one of 4 Course Captains and heads up all course operations in the south zone including the Shimano Wheel Pit, the Holly Jolly Hell Hole, and the Grinch's Lair. 

Joe Taylor

Registration Director


Karen is our new Registration Director and simply crushed it in 2017. She will coordinate Building C Registration including packet pick up and merchandise sales.

Karen Stierler

Transportation Director


Geoff Perrill of Geoff's Bike and Ski is a sponsor for 14 consecutive years and his fleet of bike shop vehicles moves our course materials from storage to the venue.

Geoff Perrill

Graphic Design


Clarissa Kane works with the CVB on a tremendous number of projects and events. One of her areas of expertise is graohic design and helps create all the signage,

Clarissa Kane

Community Leadership


Josh Schamberger is the President of the CVB and knows everybody and everything in town. He's helps keep the overall picture organized and rallys local community support.

Josh Schamberger

Course Crew


The muscle behind the directors, the hands behind the carpentry, Jerry Full is our do-it-all guy who works tirelessly building everything from biilboards to buildings.

Jerry Full

Start/Finish Captain


Brad Roark is one of 4 Course Captains, He's in charge of all course operations along the start and finishing straights for both Jingle Cross and the Telenet UCI World Cup

Brad Roark

Beer Dude


Nick Kaeding works with the CVB and is the expert on beverages for major events. He works with distributors and beverage stations to be sure the taps keep flowing.

Nick Kaeding

Hosting Director


Nate Van Der Weide volunteers as Host Director for Pro World Cup athletes and also sponsors one of our Individual Amateur Races as owner of Computer Solutions Ltd.

Nate Van Der Weide

VIP Assistant Director

 hopson ro

Rosanne Hopson is the GodMotherof bike racing in Iowa. Along with her husband Rick, she is our hospitality hostess in the VIP zone. She also works in registration.

Rosanne Hopson

Media Co-Director


Tricia is one of our media team directors. The amount of information that needs to get out is huge locally, nationally, and internationally. Tricia and her team make this seemless.

Tricia Brown

Deputy Course Builder


Ken is the go-to guy for fixing everything. His long history in the bike industry goes back when he was owner of his own shop and still has weekly shop nights for everyone in town.

Ken Lefler

Hospitality Director


Lyndsey Kent is the Hospitality Director of the Jingle Cross and UCI World Cup. She arranges all of the hotel deals and contracts plus finds lodging for all our World Cup athletes.

Lyndsey Kent

UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cup Official Sponsor

UCI Cyclo-Cross World Cup Official Supplier